The section council of chiefs approved the following outline for the W4S University system.

[box]Name – The W4S University System will be called Arrrowman University[/box]

[box]Degrees– The following degrees will be conferred:

  • Associates: This will be earned by all Arrowmen that fulfill their first year of conclave training.
  • Bachelors: This degree will be given to Arrowmen who have completed their second year of training at Conclave.
  • Masters: This used to be the highest degree attainable without committing to a professorship degree. A Masters degree translates to have completing three years of training at Conclave.
  • Doctorate: This is the highest degree attainable. A Doctorate degree translates to having completed four years of training at Conclave.
  • Professorship: Once an Arrowman has completed his three years as a participant, he can chose to advance on to a Professorship degree. This will enable an individual to become a professor (trainer) in the W4S system. *Specific Professorship patches will be designated for those who have not attained the specified masters degree, but are needed as trainers.

[box]Categories – The University Committee decided that the categorization be a simple means of identifying classes with different focuses rather than set institutions (Colleges) where degrees must be earned with in each. Arrowmen are given the opportunity to chose classes that interest them so that they are not stuck in a block of classes that they are not interested in. The identification of categories will be used as a guide for Arrowmen to find classes that interest them. For example a Scout could pick different classes from each category without being stuck in a single ‘subject’ through out the Conclave.

The Categories Include:

  • Indian Affairs
  • New Arrowmen
  • Outdoor Adventure / Camping Promotion
  • General Studies
  • Leadership and Program

These categories will offer Arrowmen the best variety of experiences and still encourage them to take part in educational training classes. It is recommended that (depending on the schedule) each Arrowman be required to take 2 serious, educational courses with either 1 or 2 elective classes.